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The FameBureau are currently offering for sale a number of Artworks from the Libertines and babyshambles Co-Frontman, lyricist, poet author and artist Peter (Pete) Doherty.

photo credit NME

Doherty’s artwork has been selling very well across Europe. The sale of this batch of his collection was prompted by Doherty’s wish to help the charity Stretch. Stretch aims to rehaibiltate prisoners by introducing them art-based activities both inside and out of prison walls. Doherty, no stranger to the controversial side of life, felt an affinity with the idea and is looking to help. The artworks are almost all multi-media and the collage and line drawn pieces bear a distinct nod to Peter Blake with a touch of Lennon’s humour and cynicism. Much in the spirit of the original pop-art movement, the art appeals more to the discerning eye than the art-establisment itself, lets see how quickly that changes when this work starts to achieve the prices that they deem worthy. The works are extremely autobiographical and as you would expect, many a reference to Doherty’s ‘Leisure Pursuits’ and preferences. Priced below his current market value, the artworks will go to help those needing to rebuild lives.

The Sale is on in Margate until December 7th  at THE YARD OUTSIDER ART SPACE, 2 RUNCORN ROAD MARGATE CT9 5JD and then the unsold items along with memorabilia from Pete’s music career will be auctioned by The Fame Bureau on February 2nd.

View the Artworks Here


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