U.K. Subs The Original Master Artwork for the Cover of the Motivator E.P.


U.K. Subs The Original Master production artwork for the  cover of the 1988 release Motivator. A Five track E.P.

Released Emotions record serial Number REM4

The Master Artwork is in its first stages with No Bar Code or record company motifs or logos that appeared on the final released version. 

A year after this version it would be released in Germany under Rebel Recs. 

It has two overlays and both of the photographs used on the back and front covers are of unusually high quality suggesting they may have used these as the master prints as opposed to using g transparencies. The photographs are credited to Paul Batemen. The cover photograph reveals that the band are pictured in front of Rough Trade records store as a separate piece of paper oil the artwork covers the name of the shop, the bottom part of the name, however, can be seen peering just under the UK Subs name.

A real Punk Gem from 1988 (33 years old) measuring approx 30 x20 inches.

The artwork is on its original art board and contains all original paste ups PMT’s, actual photographs, overlays and handwritten production notes. 

Original Production artwork is the rarest of this genre of Pop Art. It is the Master Artwork and as such is the only one in existence. This artwork would have been used to produce a handful (at most) of proofs for approval by the band, record company or management before finally going to print. In the 1990’s artworks such as these were produced digitally and as such these artworks are very rare and increasingly sought after and hard to find.

The band performing on this E.P. consisted of Charlie Harper, Matt McCoy, Alan Lee and Dave ‘Flea’ Farrelly

The album cover is credited to Mattey of Croydon. 


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