The Stranglers Original Proof for The Men In Black album cover artwork inner


An Original Proof  for the Stranglers men In Black Album Cover Artwork

The inner sleeve depicting Da Vinci’s the Last Supper with a marble surround.

1981 issued in UK and Europe

LBG 30313, OC 062-83 084

Beautifully preserved, the artwork is sharp and clean with a few printers finger marks on the outer part of the proof. Unusual non-linear colour coding across the top of the proof. 

One of only two proofs found in the shoot that tiger archive. A full list of all the items found and produced by the studio is included in the photographs, much of the archive has now been sold and only the last few proofs and artworks remain in this archive. 

Production artwork is the rarest of all media it is the origin of all subsequent proofs and ultimately the finished product. The design would likely be altered before production making these versions rare and unreleased. Advertising artworks were, on many occasions, more inventive and creative  than the covers of the products they advertised and yet are the hardest to find as they were generally discarded by the publications due to the sheer volume that were presented each week.
Proofs were generally produced in low numbers by the art studios as they awaited approval for the design from the record company and/or artists and so only a handful would normally exist. In the digital age they disappeared and so have become increasingly rare and sought after.
They come with a hand signed letter of authenticity from the Shoot that Tiger art studio commissioned to produce the artwork for the record company
shipped flat.
These Museum quality items are now part of the Fame Bureau Art Historic Archive displayed at Pop Nouveau Gallery
. Part of that archive is now available to buy.
with a hand-signed letter of authentication from Shoot that tiger and the Fame Bureau.


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