The Blow Monkeys Original Master Artwork for ‘It Doesn’t Have to be this way’ ad.



Original Master artwork for the Single Ad.

The catalogue number is RCA PT 41104

This is the artwork for the 1987 single advertisement. The track made it into the top 5 of the UK charts and is probably the band’s best known song.

The art is approx 20 x14″. Original production artwork Is the rarest of media because only one exists. From this all subsequent proofs would be created and ultimately lead to create the finished product.

The artwork is on the original art-board and has 2 separate overlays. It has all of the original paste-ups, PMT’s and hand-written production notes.

It comes with a hand signed letter of authenticity from the owner of Shoot That Tiger Art Studio. The studio were commissioned to produce artwork for this album. It has been deemed authentic by the Pop Nouveau Gallery who are world leaders in authenticating album, single and promotional artworks and it bears their signed stamp as well as the authentication letter.

More about the Blow Monkeys can be found on their official site :-

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