Status Quo Original Proof Cover Artwork for Ol Rag Blues


An Original uncut sheet for the 7 inch Vinyl single Ol’ Rage Blues by Status Quo The single, was  released in 17 different versions worldwide in 1983 The proof sheet contains 3 uncut 7 inch single proofs and measures approx 45x64cm in total. It carries the serial no QUO11 AND 812-896-7. This is particularly interesting as we could find no released cover carrying both these serial numbers. this potentially makes these proofs extremely rare as they may have got no further than this print. The proof was found as part of the Shoot That Tiger Archive The award-winning Art studio who were responsible for producing some of the most recognizable and iconic album and single covers from the 70s-90s. Although the studio may not have designed the cover the proof was found in their archive. This is most likely because they had been commisisoned to work on more status quo covers by the rcord company and were using proofs sent to them as a reference. Original Proof artwork is extremely rare, it is generated from the Original Production artwork that is sent to the Printer. Normally only a handful, if that, were produced for inspection and approval by the artist. management and/or record company. As a result most of them were thrown away after approval. Some proofs were rejected and never used, these are the true rarities. The uncut proof would make a great conversation piece framed for the discerning Quo collector.    


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