Rolling Stones 12 x 5 Album Extremely Rare Unreleased Cromalin Proof Artwork 1984


ROLLING STONES 12 x 5 Album Extremely Rare Cromalin Proof Artwork 1984 ROLLING STONES 12×5 Album An Extremely Rare Cromalin Proof Part of The Original Production Artwork in an unreleased state from 1984 (37 years old) The album was never released on Vinyl in this state on this label with this code LONDON 820 048-1 Two colour London Logo front cover bottom right Two colour London Logo back cover bottom right This very rare artwork is in an unreleased state, it differs from the released version in a number of ways. MONO only on one line back cover top right Red banner front cover top left. measuring approx 14 ins ( 355 mm ) by 26 ins ( 660 mm ) Sent from the Decca Archives to the Shoot That Tiger art studio for potential re-release on Vinyl, CD and Cassette during the 1980s It is very likely that this is the only one in existence. Proof artwork is rare, normally only a handful were produced for approval. Cromalins were even more rare as normally only one was produced because of the expensive process. Some never made it past the drawing board making them very rare. In the digital age they hardly exist making proofs like this very sought after. With a hand-signed letter of authentication from the owner of the art studio commissioned to produce the artwork. Price on request Originally Part of the Shoot That Tiger Art Studio Archive.

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