Phil Collins The Original Album Artwork Both Sides of the Story 5 Trk CD EP 1993


The Original Master Production Artwork for the 1993 5 Track CD Maxi single for the forthcoming Both Sides of the story album for Phil Collins. This is the US release as the European version had only 4 tracks. 

This seminal album, that Phil explained was in his opinion, his greatest work, was released on Atlantic 85714-2 

Released 28 years ago it was the lead single from the album.

Both Sides of the Story

Always (Live)

Both Sides of the Demo

Rad Dudeski

Doesn’t anybody stay together anymore (live)

on the original art-board including all paste-ups and Photo mechanical transfers. It is likely that there was an overlay oil this as the track lengths are not on the artwork and may well have been on the overlay with production notes for the printer.

Measuring approx 15×15 inches 

Production artwork is the rarest of all media and in the modern digital world these artworks no longer exist. it is the origin of all subsequent proofs and ultimately the finished product. The design would likely be altered before production making these versions rare and unreleased.

Pop Nouveau Gallery have thoroughly examined the artwork and are in no doubt over its authenticity. It was created at Hills Archer Studios of London. 





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