Orange Juice Original Master Artwork for What Presence 7 & 12″ Single Ad.

The Original Master Production artwork for Orange Juice What Presence 7 and 12 inch vinyl single ad for No1 Magazine 

The single was released in 1984 and there 7 inch single offered a free cassette of Orange juice performing three live tracks at Glasgow Pavilion on March 26th 1984. In a Nutshell, Simply Thrilled honey and Dying Day.

A beautiful piece of Artwork in deep red depicting both Edwin Collins and Zeke Manyika with the grammatically incorrect slogan This are Orange Juice. Measuring approx 11.5 x9.5 inches. with a single overlay.

Original Production artwork is the rarest of this genre of Pop Art. It is the Master Artwork and as such is the only one in existence. This artwork would have been used to produce a handful (at most) of proofs for approval by the band, record company or management before finally going to print. In the 1990’s artworks such as these were produced digitally and as such these artworks are very rare and increasingly sought after and hard to find.

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