Little Steven Original Artwork for Notepaper



Little Steven
Original Finished Artwork for
The personalised notepaper continuation sheets and envelope for the press folder for Revolution
on Studios Silver Board embossed with the studio seal. This indicates that the artwork is for final approval by the artist and/or Record Company
measuring approx 21×16”

On the original CS10 Art Board with all original PMTs Paste-ups overlays and Handwritten production notes. Production artwork is the rarest of all media and in the modern digital world these artworks no longer exist. it is the origin of all subsequent proofs and ultimately the finished product. The design would likely be altered before production making these versions rare and unreleased.

The only one in existence .

These Museum quality items are part of the Shoot That Tiger Studio Archive.
The award winning studio was resposible for producing some of the most iconic Album and single covers and associated promotional items for the 70s 80s and 90s. Part of that archive is now available to buy.

This artwork is part of that historic archive.
With a hand signed letter of authentication from the owner of the studio that produced the art work.

This item is part of the Shoot That Tiger Art Studio Archive Sale
Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist, actor & member of the E Street band, steven van zandt, sopranos, miami steve


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