Kajagoogoo Original Album Cover artwork for The Debut Album Feathers



Kajagoogoo Original Album Cover artwork for The Debut Album Feathers
measuring approx 16×16

Featuring Limahl on vocals for such hits as Too Shy albeit the only time he appeared on a Kajagoogoo album.

On the original CS10 Art Board with all original PMTs Paste-ups overlays and Handwritten production notes. Production artwork is the rarest of all media and in the modern digital world these artworks no longer exist. It is the origin of all subsequent proofs and ultimately the finished product.
The design would likely be altered before production making these versions rare and unreleased.

The only one in existence .

The award winning studio was responsible for producing some of the most iconic Album and single covers and associated promotional items for the 70s 80s and 90s. Part of that archive is now available to buy.

framed and beautifully presented
With a hand-signed  letter of authentication from the owner of the art studio commissioned to produce the artwork.

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The band signed with EMI Records in July 1982 after Limahl had met keyboardist Nick Rhodes of the group Duran Duran while working as a waiter at London’s Embassy Club.[3]Rhodes proceeded to co-produce the band’s first single, “Too Shy” with Duran Duran’s EMI producer Colin Thurston.

The single was released on 10 January 1983 and topped the UK Singles Chart,[1] having done so before any of Duran Duran’s singles (as Rhodes himself has lightheartedly noted).

Follow-up singles “Ooh to Be Aah” and “Hang on Now” also both reached the UK Top 20, and the group’s debut album White Feathers reached No. 5 in the UK Albums Chart.[1]After being the support act for the Birmingham band Fashion in late 1982, Kajagoogoo embarked on their own headlining White Feathers tour in Spring 1983. Their performance on 31 May at the London Hammersmith Odeon was filmed and released on home video.

As success came, tensions began to rise in the band. These tensions culminated in Limahl being fired by the other band members in mid-1983 and Nick Beggs then taking over as lead singer. In response to his ousting, Limahl accused the others of being envious of him and said “I’ve been betrayed!” and “I was sacked for making them a success.”[4] The other band members countered Limahl’s assertions, insisting that he had become egomaniacal and increasingly difficult to work with.

Soon after the departure, Beggs commented, “It was a business decision and not one we took lightly. He wanted the band to go in a different direction to the rest of us. Eventually, we realised we were on a different planet to Limahl.”[5]Beggs also stated that the band harboured no ill-will towards Limahl, and blamed the press for sensationalising the matter. Guitarist Steve Askew commented “At first … we did everything possible to make Limahl feel like part of the furniture but, you know, his lifestyle is so different from ours. We’re very normal people whereas Limahl likes the bright lights.”

source : Wikipedia read more about the band here :-


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