John Mayall Thru the Years Original rare cromalin proof album artwork



Super rare original album artwork
A very rare original cromalin proof for
John Mayall’s
Thru the Years
on CD 844 028-2
on the DERAM label
showing both outer covers and inner sleeve.
Measuring approx 11×17”

Proof artwork is rare, normally only a handful were produced for approval. Some never made it past the drawing board making them very rare. In the digital age they hardly exist making proofs like this very sought after.

These Museum quality items are part of the Shoot That Tiger Studio Archive.
The award winning studio was resposible for producing some of the most iconic Album and single covers and associated promotional items for the 70s 80s and 90s. Part of that archive is now available to buy.

This artwork is part of that historic archive.

With a hand-signed  letter of authentication from the owner of the art studio commissioned to produce the artwork.




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