John Lennon’s Remington Statue gifted to his promotor

A beautiful original Remington sculpture entitled Rattlesnake owned by John Lennon and gifted to promotor Pete Bennett. Bennett was infamous as a promotor that worked not only with the Beatles but also The Rolling Stones, Nat KIng Cole Steven Tyler Sam Cooke and many more top artists. He become the Beatles’ director of promotion for their Apple label when it was formed in 1968 and continued to work with the individual members after their break up. in 1972 Bennett was named Promotional man of the year by Billboard. He was especially close to John Lennon who gave him this statue. A signed certificate by Bennett confirms its authenticity. The Rattlesnake is a sculpture by American artist Frederic Remington The bronze sculpture was one of Remington’s most popular,and it has been described as Remington’s own favorite sculpture. The work depicts a cowboy riding a horse that is rearing up in fright, twisting away from a rattlesnake on the base. The rider, with moustache and woolly chaps, leans forward, gripping the horse’s mane with one hand and holding on to his hat with the other. Remington completed a plaster model in January 1905, which was cast in bronze by the Roman Bronze Works, Eleven bronzes had been cast from this first model, 20.5 inches (520 mm) high, by 1908, when Remington became dissatisfied with the original design. Over a period of ten days, Remington reworked the plaster model. The revisions increased the tension of its pose by changing the position of the horse’s legs, tucking in its forelegs and straightening the rear legs, and also increased the fluid curvature of the piece by moving the rider’s stance further forward. The changes added about 4 inches (100 mm) to its height. Around 100 authorised casts were made of the new version before 1921, but many unauthorised posthumous casts were made later by the Roman Bronze works. An example is held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art which measures 58.7 by 45.1 by 36.8 centimetres (23.1 in × 17.8 in × 14.5 in), An example was sold by Christie’s auction house in 2009 for US$134,500, and another in 2011 for US$92,500 A cast was displayed in the White House Oval Office by Presidents Reagan and Bush and along with another Remington bronze The Bronco Buster. The sculpture It also come with a letter explaining the full details from the current recipient. The Fame Bureau have studied the provenance and have no doubt over the authenticity of the item. Price by Request pls contact


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