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John Lennon’s Personal Owned Shea Style Jacket


On February 28, 1977, John Lennon emptied his closet and donated several items of his clothing from his Studio #1 Apartment on 1 West 72nd Street and contacted the Salvation Army in New York to pick them up.
This tunic jacket was most likely purchased by John in New York in the 1970s at a surplus store which possibly inspired the purchase since it looked so much like the Beatles Shea Stadium Tunic. In research from the tag inside, this tunic owned by John was manufactured in 1942. It is a size 29. Several pieces of John’s clothing from the Salvation Army donation were placed in auction over the years and some are on
display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.
This jacket is nearly identical to his 1965 Shea concert jacket in color and style, except for the squared-off bottom (his performance jacket was rounded). Note that the jacket is heavily worn. A button on the shoulder is so worn down, possibly from a guitar strap , you no longer can see the crown design

With Letters of provenance from

1.The salvation army driver who picked up the jacket from John & Yoko’s Apartment.

2. The owner who purchased the jacket from Hamilton Galleries auction

With the listing from the auction when the jacket was sold in London



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