John Lennon’s Personal Owned Guitar Strap Signed & Inscribed

£30,000.00 £25,500.00

John Lennon, John Lennons personally used signed and inscribed guitar strap for his 1956 Les Paul Junior It was given to Wayne “Tex” Gabriel Lead guitarist with John & Yokos backing band Elephants Memory. A handwritten letter from Gabriel explains how John hand inscribed and gave the strap to him after the One-to-One session at Butterfly studios circa ’71/72. John used this strap  for his 1956 Les Paul Junior for rehearsals and concerts.

Lennon has scripted in white on the inside of strap in his typical Lennon humor and play on words : “TO TEX, LOVE JOCK LENNON, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! referring to the the name of the group ‘Elephants MEMORY’ with one of John’s many pseudonyms JOCK , which has been well documented and used when addressing friends, colleagues etc.

The item was recently at the Beatles museum in Liverpool it is the only know signed guitar strap owned by Lennon to come up for sale. With a handwritten letter from Wayne Gabriel of Elephants Memory Photos of John playing in the band  


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