John Lennon handwritten Postcard 1980

A fantastic hand-written postcard from John Lennon to a fan. Written in red felt tip pen it is one of two postcards received from a US fan who took a chance and sent Lennon some photos of Beatles related sites on a trip to Liverpool. She included a return envelope just on the hope he might respond. To her suprise Lennon did reply, not just to the first letter, but to a subsequent letter too. This is the first of the replies in which Lennon questions why there are no photographs of the Liverpool Art centre, pertinent, because Lennon, of course, atended the college. The letter was sent back to the fan in january of 1980, the year of John’s death and comes wth the original post-dated envelope. The postcard is laminated although it is possible to remove the lamination. It also come with a letter explaining the full details from the recipient. The Fame Bureau have studied the handwriting and signature and have no doubt over the authenticity of the item. Price by Request pls contact


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