Jimi Hendrix Original Alternate Album Cover Artwork for Electric Ladyland


The original Alternate Artwork for Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland album cover Extremely rare and beautiful piece of production artwork was rejected by Reprise records in favour of the gatefold album artwork for Electric Ladyland. It is a very pop, almost Warhol presentation, making it extremely appealing. On its original art-board, with all original paste-ups and handwritten notes. The art cover included, on verso of the art-board denotes that Reprise removed the artwork from its production cycle in 1968, never once having used it. The finished album cover caused huge controversy not least with Hendrix himself who had submitted his own designs to the record company only to find that they were ignored in favour of the now legendary ‘nudes’  inner sleeve only in death was Hendrix’ vision completed when the album was re-released with Linda McCartney’s photograph of there band in Central Park by the Alice in Wonderland statue. With a separate original framed artwork for the Electric Ladyland logo created at the same time.  


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