Iggy Pop Isolation Original Master Artwork for NME Ad

£750.00 £600.00

Iggy Pop
The Original 1987 Production Artwork for
Isolation single
Advertisement for
NME paper/magazine (33 years old)
On the original Art Board with all original PMTs Paste-ups overlays and Handwritten production notes.
The only one in existence.
The artwork is very iconic and almost Warholesque due to the stark posterization of the main PMT. The artwork has not been looked after and this is not unusual as any artwork sent to advertise were usually thrown into bins. This, however, only tends to add to its allure as it creates an almost urban patina to the artwork, fitting its disposable theme perfectly, there is even a boot mark on verso.
Taken off the Blah Blah Blah album and co written with Jim’s friend David Bowie, it is a truly unique piece of Iggy’s carer that cannot be replaced. a great review can be read here
. Presented framed and mounted with the original printed advertisement. Production artwork is the rarest of all media it is the origin of all subsequent proofs and ultimately the finished product. The design would likely be altered before production making these versions rare and unreleased.
These Museum quality items are part of the Fame Bureau Art Historic Archive. Part of that archive is now available to buy.
with a letter of authentication from the Bureau.






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