Heaven 17 Temptation Original Cromalin proof artwork for the 12″ single


The Original Cromalin proof for Heaven 17 iconic and historic 12″  single 

This release is from 1993 (28 years old)

Virgin catalogue No. VST 1446, 7243 8 90094 60

it is in excellent condition.

Proof artwork is rare, normally only a handful were produced for approval. Some never made it past the drawing board making them very rare. In the digital age they hardly exist making proofs like this very sought after. Cromalin proofs are even more hard to find. It was an expensive process and only used when the studio was convinced there would be no more alterations and so were offered as ‘final’ proofs to the record company, artist or management for approval.

measuring approx 25×13.5 inches This is an extremely vibrant cover with a great pop-art feel.

With a hand signed letter from The Pop Nouveau Gallery who have deemed it authentic.


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