Eurythmics Dave Stewart hand Written lyrics



Extremely rare and collectable handwritten lyrics by One half of the Eurythmics songwriting partnership, Dave Stewart.
An unreleased song performed at the marquee. On two separate sheets of lined A4 paper in black marker pen. The lyrics read ” I don’t mind the mind games , Yes you do, , or reverse calls from the satellite exchange, As long as you talk to me, until the words run out and my ears bleed, but every syllable is miserable, every dream impossible, but don’t jump, Take a step at a time, For every miracle you know there’s a crime, For all the rich there’s the poor, in every wall there is a door, Even the good break the law, Little piggies grow tall , And then the piggies get small, Not only soldiers go to war, What are we fighting for, When winners get sore, If we can walk, why do we crawl, If we can Jump, why do we fall?, what you can’t see, you just ignore, You want the sky, you’ve got the floor – BOLLOCKS” Obviously a new composition as Dave Stewart needed to write the lyrics for the performance, They were obtained by a fan member at the front of the audience. A handwritten letter of provenance from the fan accompanies the lyrics detailing their acquisition. With a copy of the Eurythmics Revenge songbook.

Annie Lennox, Eurythmics, shakespeares sister


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