Elvis Costello Original Unused Album Cover Artwork Proof for Punch the Clock



A rare Original proof artwork  for ELVIS COSTELLO’s
Punch the Clock
Released in 1983  – 37 years old

A rare, unused original proof artwork.  Two separate proofs are included for both inner and outer sleeves. The artwork was designed by the late artist, Barney Bubbles, for the album Cover.

It was Released in 1983 cat. RAD14. Original Proof Artwork is very rare and usually only a handful were produced for an album cover. These museum quality items are part of the Fame Bureau Archive. The artworks have been examined by the Pop Nouveau gallery and identified as being genuine. Part of that archive is now available to purchase.

Barney Bubbles was an important artist who’s work became noted during the 1960s when he produced cover art for bands such as Hawkwind. He later found that his work was increasingly popular with the New Wave bands in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Both Elvis Costello and Ian Dury used his artwork for covers of their albums and singles and his work has now become more popular as the impact of his influence on the art world becomes more recognised.

This artwork is part of that archive and it comes with a hand signed letter of authentication from the owner of the studio that were commissioned to produce the artwork by the Record Company.

Elvis Costello’s official website is

information on Barney Bubbles can be found here,_Radar_and_F_Beat_(and_other_punk_and_new_wave)

More proof artwork at the Fame Bureau can be found here

More punk and new wave items at the Fame Bureau can be found here


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