David Bowie Super Rare Europe Under Pressure Commissioned by Bowie




 A sealed Europe Under Pressure Booklet commissioned by David Bowie.

Only around 35 of these sealed booklets exist!!

Sealed in delicate tissue paper, David Bowie commissioned the creation of these booklets as he embarked on a press tour of Europe to promote his forthcoming Glass Spider Tour.

Only specially invited guests received copies and almost every one was opened.

Bowie also had two special edition copies made encased in a hand made metal container and containing an unreleased VHS press edit of the tour.(pictured but not available)

Bowie kept one and the other sold at auction for around £6000.00.

These super rare booklets are over 30 years old.

These Museum quality items are part of the Shoot That Tiger Studio Archive.

The award winning studio was resposible for producing some of the most iconic Album and single covers and associated promotional items for the 70s 80s and 90s. Part of that archive is now available to buy.

They are uber-rare!!!

you can own one.

The two silver strips on all of the  Booklets can be seen through the tissue and have come away from the front of the booklet due to age  The qustion is , do you break the seal and re-stick….. or do you buy two and open one ?


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