Buddy Holly’s Glasses

A fantastic iconic example of Pop Nouveau. Buddy Holly’s Personally owned and worn spectacles. Buddy’s eye glasses were part of his very distinctive look and this pair were worn for many performances. They preceed his horn-rimmed glasses and date from 1957. They were obtained directly from Buddy’s parents after his death in 1961, when they were sold to a fan who had become a friend of the family. These glasses were among many items that the fan bought from the parents  after his death. A detailed letter explaining  his  relationship with Buddy’s family is also included. The glasses stand alone as a unique piece of Rock n Roll, an artifact and object D’art that are instantly recognisable to one of the pioneers of modern music. An ultimate conversation piece. It also come with a letter explaining the full details from the current recipient. The Fame Bureau have studied the provenance and have no doubt over the authenticity of the item. Price by Request pls contact info@famebureau.co.uk


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